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Weebol Flex

Weebol Flex

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The evolution of the Simmonsigns bollard range continues with the introduction of the Weebol Flex reflective bollard delivering passive safety, outstanding high speed impact resistance and durability, with a universal range of fixing solutions.


Passively safe: MIRA tested to performance standard 100/NE4 of BS EN 12767:2007.


Durable design features: One piece moulding, no mechanical parts to fail. Rebated panels, protecting panels from impact and vandalism. Rigid body, reducing likelihood of panel creasing. Anti twist vandal deterrent design.


Quick and easy installation: No excavation required.


Multi fixing system options for:
  • Surface mounting.
  • Simmonsigns CABEX unit or Global Baselight.

    A range of options to suit your needs:
  • Available in white or black.
  • Single and double aspect available.
  • All standard traffic diagrams available.

    Manufactured using our bespoke polymer material, our process is tuned to provide a one piece body with flexibility at the hinge point and increased rigidity behind the reflective panel. This controls where the bollard folds preserving the panel and reducing damage. A deeply rebated panel feature adds further protection making sure the body is the first impact point and not the panel.
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