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Strawberry Smart Bench SB-2

Strawberry Smart Bench SB-2

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Strawberry Smart Bench SB-2: Solar-Powered Wi-Fi Hub With Environmental Sensors!

Introducing the Strawberry Smart Bench SB-2 - more than just a comfortable place to sit, it's a smart bench designed to enhance the local distinctiveness of any outdoor space. With its modern and minimalistic design, the SB-2 is powered by solar energy, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly addition to any urban landscape.

Perfect Advertising Tool

Featuring built-in environmental sensors that measure CO2, temperature, humidity, air pressure, and noise level, the SB-2 provides valuable insights into the health of the location's environment. It also comes equipped with branding surfaces that can be customized with your own artwork or branding, making it a perfect advertising tool for brands looking to showcase their commitment to sustainability.

Quality Materials - Built To Last 

Comfortable and durable, the SB-2 is made of high-quality materials including a compact steel structure and a wooden sitting area with double protection of 1 coat of primer and 2 industrial layers of paint. The bench also has a waterproof casing for electronics and battery, ensuring its longevity and functionality for years to come.

WiFi, Phone Charging & Digital Assets

With free Wi-Fi hotspot and 4G/LTE internet connectivity, the SB-2 is perfect for providing a comfortable seating area with digital assets such as a Smart Landing page, Digital dashboard, and Strawberry App. It also comes with 4 USB and 2 wireless charging ports, allowing users to charge their devices while enjoying the outdoors.

Showcase Your Brand

Whether you're a brand looking to showcase your commitment to sustainability or a city government looking to provide an innovative outdoor seating solution, the Strawberry Smart Bench SB-2 is the perfect addition to any urban landscape.


  • Powered by solar energy
  • 100% standalone energy system
  • Environmental sensors measuring CO2, temperature, humidity, air pressure, and noise level
  • Branding surfaces for customizable artwork/branding
  • Free Wi-Fi hotspot and 4G/LTE internet connectivity
  • Free battery charging with 4 USB and 2 wireless ports
  • Comfortable sitting area for individuals and groups
  • Digital dashboard, Smart Landing page, and Strawberry App
  • Wi-Fi marketing for business promotion
  • Compact steel structure and high-quality wooden sitting area
  • Waterproof casing for electronics and battery


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