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Retractable Bollard, Manual Operation, (Ø76mm x 900mm)

Retractable Bollard, Manual Operation, (Ø76mm x 900mm)

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SESAMplus Retractable Bollard: Seamlessly Secure Traffic Control Solution

The SESAMplus Retractable Bollard is the perfect choice for effectively blocking traffic routes, parking lots, and fire brigade areas in accordance with DIN 14 090 standards, while ensuring the preservation of the traffic area and eliminating tripping hazards. With its innovative design, this bollard retracts flush into a sturdy floor pan when folded down, allowing unimpeded traffic flow. When erected, the open trough is automatically protected by a robust metal sheet, providing additional safety.

Key Features of SESAMplus Retractable Bollard:

  • Robust steel post with a square shape measuring 70 x 70 mm, standing at 900 mm above ground level
  • Option to choose between a round cylinder lock (Model A) or a triangular lock (Model B), both of which can be quickly opened with an above-ground hydrant key according to DIN 3223 standards
  • Designed for setting in concrete with an extremely low installation depth thanks to the horizontal tray (horizontal installation is crucial)
  • Corrosion-resistant construction available in hot-dip galvanized or hot-dip galvanized and painted finishes
  • Does not include chain loops

Installation Instructions:

Proper drainage is essential during installation. Ensure appropriate gravel filling to facilitate drainage and avoid installation in standing water, such as groundwater.


To maintain optimal performance, it is recommended to periodically remove any accumulated dirt or debris at least every six months. Clean all moving parts to ensure smooth operation.

Elevate your traffic control measures with the SESAMplus Retractable Bollard. Its sturdy construction, retractable design, and compatibility with different locking mechanisms make it an ideal solution for effectively managing traffic flow while prioritizing safety and minimizing tripping hazards.

Seamlessly secure your traffic areas with the innovative SESAMplus Retractable Bollard!

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