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Removable Bollard with Triangular Lock (70x70mm x 1000mm)

Removable Bollard with Triangular Lock (70x70mm x 1000mm)

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PARAT B Removable Bollard: Secure and Convenient Traffic Control Solution

Experience the versatility and reliability of the PARAT B Removable Bollard, specifically designed for temporary traffic control in streets, squares, and other areas that may require occasional closure. With its triangular lock system, this bollard allows for quick and effortless removal, making it an ideal choice for managing pedestrian zones, market squares, parking lots, and garage entrances.

Complying with DIN 3223 standards, the PARAT B features a triangular lock mechanism that ensures secure access control. It is highly recommended by the fire brigade for designated areas and access routes, meeting the standards set by DIN 14 090.

Thanks to the ground socket design, accidents are minimized when the bollard is removed. The flush-with-the-road-surface socket features a small opening, reducing the risk of trips or collisions.

Key Features of PARAT B Removable Bollard:

  • Available in three post diameters: 60 mm, 76 mm Ø, or square 70 x 70 mm
  • Options for setting in concrete with a ground socket (330 mm) or for dowelling with a special base plate
  • Corrosion-resistant construction: Hot-dip galvanized and painted (hot-dip galvanization available upon request)

Please note:

  • Triangular keys are not included and should be ordered separately if necessary.
  • Consider ordering an additional ground socket to accommodate the bollard when it is in the open position.

Elevate your temporary traffic control measures with the PARAT B Removable Bollard. Its robust construction, triangular lock system, and customizable options make it an excellent choice for ensuring safety and managing traffic flow in various settings.

Secure your temporary traffic areas with ease using the PARAT B Removable Bollard!

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