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Removable Bollard with Key Cylinder Lock (Ø76mm x 1000mm)

Removable Bollard with Key Cylinder Lock (Ø76mm x 1000mm)

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PARAT A Removable Bollard: Secure and Versatile Traffic Control Solution

Ensure efficient traffic management and controlled access with the PARAT A Removable Bollard. Designed with convenience and security in mind, this bollard features a robust cylinder lock system that allows you to effortlessly block or release paths, driveways, and traffic spaces.

Unlocking the cylinder lock grants you the ability to effortlessly pull the bollard out of its ground socket. Upon reinsertion, the lock engages automatically, providing a reliable barrier. For added flexibility, the PARAT A supports various keyed versions and the installation of a profile cylinder, enabling a customized locking system to suit your specific needs.

It's important to note that if you intend to use the bollard in fire brigade areas, it's advisable to consult the local authorities for proper clarification. For opening with a triangular key, we recommend considering the PARAT B Removable Bollard.

Key Features of PARAT A Removable Bollard:

  • Available in three post diameters: 60 mm, 76 mm Ø, or square 70 x 70 mm
  • Constructed from durable steel and hot-dip galvanized for enhanced longevity
  • Eye-catching red and white coating for increased visibility and safety
  • Designed for easy installation in concrete with a ground socket (330 mm), offering an above ground height of 1,000 mm
  • Equipped with a convenient profile cylinder lock on the side, including three keys that are keyed alike
  • Option to choose between 0 to 2 chain eyes for additional functionality

Recommended Accessories:

  • Additional ground socket: Allows you to utilize the detached upper part of the bollard at a different location
  • Self-locking cover cap for ground socket: Ensures the ground socket remains securely covered

Elevate your traffic control measures with the PARAT A Removable Bollard. Its robust construction, user-friendly locking system, and compatibility with various accessories make it an ideal choice for securing and managing traffic flow in diverse environments.

Boost safety and control traffic effectively with the PARAT A Removable Bollard!

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