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Pencil Bollard - Safe and Visually Appealing

Looking for a safe and visually appealing way to keep your school areas secure? Look no further than the Pencil Bollard! Our pencil-shaped bollard is the perfect solution for ensuring that motorists know they are entering a school zone, while also deterring illegal parking.

Safety First

One of the primary benefits of the Pencil Bollard is its safety features. Constructed from X-Last polyurethane, our bollard meets EN-12767 passive safe standards, making it one of the safest options on the market. In fact, it is ten times safer during an impact than traditional metallic bollards. With the Pencil Bollard, you can rest assured that your school areas are as safe as possible.

Effective Deterrent

Not only is the Pencil Bollard safe, but it is also an effective deterrent to illegal parking. The pencil shape and bright colours make it clear to motorists that they are entering a school zone, which can help reduce the likelihood of accidents. Additionally, the bollard's size and shape make it difficult for cars to park in areas they shouldn't, which can help keep your school areas clear and safe for students.

Easy to Install and Remove

The Pencil Bollard is compatible with the RS76 Retention Socket, which makes it incredibly easy to install and remove as needed. This allows you to move the bollard to different areas of your school, depending on your needs. Whether you need to block off a specific area or create a clear path for buses and emergency vehicles, the Pencil Bollard can help.

A Touch of Style and Security

In addition to its safety features and effectiveness as a deterrent, the Pencil Bollard also adds a touch of style and security to your school areas. The pencil shape is unique and eye-catching, which can help draw attention to the bollard and its purpose. Additionally, the bright colours of the bollard can help make your school areas more visually appealing and welcoming.

Overall, the Pencil Bollard is a must-have for any school looking to improve its safety and security measures. With its unique design, safety features, and ease of use, the Pencil Bollard is the perfect choice for any school looking to keep its students and staff safe.



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Height : 1000 mm

Depth: 185 mm

Diameter : 80 mm

Weight : 4.3 kg

Brand Information

IPL group offer the exclusive range of passively safe X-last® reboundable bollards designed and developed by Sabacaucho who, after many years of research and manufacturing experience in elastomers, have formulated a unique combination of composite polymers with reinforcing nanoparticles to produce a bollard that optimises rigidity and flexibility.

Cutting Edge Technology
This new bollard has strength and resistance but will bend under applied force or impact and then return 100% to its original shape. X-last® bollards are extremely durable, they do not rust and perform well against the wear-and-tear of today’s urban applications. They are available in a range of designs, finishes and are suitable for traffic control, roadside delineation, car park applications and many more common uses.

Retention System
IPL group exclusively supply X-last® bollards in Ireland and Poland. When installed in reusable RETENTION SYSTEM™ sockets, the X-last® bollard gives all road users a new level in safety over traditional bollards and is an attractive and sustainable design option for public and private infrastructure management.

Introducing X-last® LUMART
X-last® LUMART creates an entire new level of safety as the safest and most durable bollard on the market is now available completely illuminated. Not only will the bollards provide safety to motorists and pedestrians, their unique ability to be completely illuminated provides light for the public while adding character and aesthetic beauty to both rural and urban locations via their distinctive and innovative design properties

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