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Fórsa Speed Cushion Quartet

Fórsa Speed Cushion Quartet

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Fórsa Speed Cushion Quartet

The Fórsa Speed Cushion Quartet is a durable and functional addition to urban roads with bus transport. The exterior of the cushion is made from vulcanised rubber, while the interior is made from recycled rubber, making it a sustainable choice for your transportation needs. The cushion is assembled with 4 elements that are connected and stabilised to the ground by dedicated assembly kits, ensuring a secure and long-lasting installation.

The Fórsa Speed Cushion Quartet is available in two color options: red or black with tape colors of white or yellow. The reflective elements ensure visibility in low light conditions, making it a safe choice for both drivers and pedestrians. The non-slip surface structure complies with European standard 45 SRT, and the size is adjusted to be easily overpassed by means of public transport.

Some features of the Fórsa Speed Cushion Quartet include:

  • Exterior made from vulcanised rubber
  • Interior made from recycled rubber
  • Assembly with 4 elements and dedicated kit
  • Suitable for urban roads with bus transport
  • Red or black color options with white or yellow tape
  • Non-slip surface structure compliant with European standard 45 SRT
  • Size adjusted for easy overpass by public transport
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